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Letter From Secretary General Of KASGMUN

Welcome Letter

Most esteemed participants, dear guests, honorable future family members and those who may concern seeing the letter

I, as the president of the Kadıköy Ahmet Sani Gezici Ladies’ Anatolian İmam Hatip High School MUN club and the Secretary-General of Kadıköy Ahmet Sani Gezici MUN 2020, would like to welcome you all to the very first session of KASGMUN which will be held on 13-16 June 2020.

We as Kadıköy Ahmet Sani Gezici MUN members have put effort into the conference to create a platform for the participants to think and solve the issues of the world the best way possible with innovative committees chosen specifically by the
academic team in order to provide a high-qualified and unforgettable experience. We as the team have chosen the best committees after several discussions with various opinions throughout the year to ensure the satisfaction of the participants of this conference. Our very first aim to create such an atmosphere is to promise a place to the participants where they can enhance the power of their inner diplomats in such conferences as delegates, politicians and such important people with important positions and roles in the history and the future. We believe that the paths we make people follow as students will help them in their lives in the best way ever later on.

 In our very first conference, we have prepared 7 committees within 4 different languages which are English, Turkish, Arabic and Spanish. To ensure the best experience for the participants, we as the academic team did our best to choose the committees with the best language options. United Nations Human Rights Council is here to seek the rights of people and promote a better place for humanity with the language of English. UNHRC is here in our conference for Rakhine and Latin American people and their rights. World Health Organisation is concerned with international public health with the language of English. WHO is here in our conference to solve the addiction of the world. Historical United Nations Security Council is a different committee concept from the others with unique procedure of it by the language of English. HUNSC is here in our conference for measurements to Kardak Crisis that happened in the past between the Turkey and Greece. Historical Committee is here to provide a different experience for the participants with a time travelling to the past events with the language of English. Historical Committee will reflect World War II in the conference with lots of breath-taking crisis. Disarmament and International Security Committee is here to help world to authorise countries with the language of Turkish. DISEC will have the topic of disarmament of outer space. Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Committee is here to coordinate the socio-cultural situation of the world with the language of Arabic. SOCHUM will enlighten the issue of education of the world. Last but not least, Economic Commission for Latin America and Caribbean is here to encourage the economic cooperation of the Latin American countries with the language of Spanish. ECLAC will be fighting for air pollution, water pollution, rights of women in work places and deforestation in our conference. By this, we have 4 English, 1 Turkish, 1 Arabic and 1 Spanish committee for the participants in order to solve world problems in various languages to change the world and talk about the ideas that are worth fighting for.


It is my utmost pleasure to mention about the organisation team that also worked hard to make this conference the best for the participants. I can whole-heartedly assure those who may concern that Kadıköy Ahmet Sani Gezici MUN is ready to serve the best experience that any participant would seek in a conference thanks to my family, Kadıköy Ahmet Sani Gezici MUN members and our school principle.

 We cannot wait to welcome you all

“Where the time is worth fighting for.”

Yours sincerely

Ebrar Çalışkan

Secretary-General of KASGMUN’20