“Where the time is worth fighting for.”

Our school’s history comes from far in the past. Our school was founded in 1975. A year later it was moved to Acıbadem. In 2013 turned to Kadıköy Ladies’ Imam Hatip high school. Since 2015 our school has been providing service in new building. One year later the name changed as Kadıköy Ahmet Sani Gezici Ladies Imam Hatip High School.  
The school’s vision is “School of Pioneers, Pioneer of Schools; to raise an honorable youth with national and spiritual values.” And mission is “By keeping students in the forefront of qualified religious education; to educate as individuals who embrace national, religious, moral and cultural heritage, value scientific methods and science, adopt freedom of thought as a principle, learn religion from their own sources, in accordance with its origin and aim to fulfill the needs of society in this field.”
In our school we have English and Spanish departments. In our prep classes consist of 15 students for per class to make learning better. Also we have foreign teachers for Arabic, Spanish and English. Moreover we have simple department without any prep class. If student doesn’t want to have a prep class this department is good for this student. In this department classroom capacity is average 25 students for each class. In 11th and 12th grades we have social science, physical science, mathematics and Turkish department as well as language departments.
In our school, we have lots of social activities such as clubs, aid campaigns, sport activities, science activities, etc. Let’s start with our clubs. There are different kinds of clubs. First of all, we have language clubs; Arabic, Spanish and English. We have clubs about science and mathematics; Science Innovation Club and Mind Games Club. Our Debate Club is so active, there has been “Debate Tournament Across Turkey” in our school. Also, we have Theatre Club, Photography & Travel Club, and Social Responsibility Club. Our school is so active about aid campaigns. There has been Kızılay Blood Donation Campaign. Participants donated blood for 189 sick people. Also we are successful at volleyball. Our school has some educations programs about science, programing, etc.
Our schools library is very big and meets students’ need. Our cafeteria is servicing 3 kinds of food at every single weekday. We have 2 praying room and in this room there is every needs. In these praying rooms there is some weekly meetings. Our conference hall is so active there are some activities conferences and meetings which are organized by our teachers, students and administration. Also our students can use our seminar room we have lots of activities in there as well. Our Spanish and English rooms are full of our students’ activities. Also every club has their own notice boards and they are using this notice board very active. Our students using our garden in every break we have benches, arbores and huge places for playing outdoor games. We have one of the biggest sport hall and we are using this sport hall in every P.E. classes. Also our school’s  sport team doing practice in this hall and there are lots of sport tournaments.

Kasgmun is a Model United Nations conference that is organized by Kadıköy Ahmet Sani Gezici Kız Anadolu İmam Hatip Lisesi MUN Club (KASGMUNCLUB). KASGMUN Club is established in 2017 since then our club’s participants’ first goal is organizing a Model UN conference in our school. This dream started becoming true in June 2019 thenceforward our team is working hard to make KASGMUN’20 as perfect as possible. Our conference arise from one year long effort, passion and ambition.

Kasgmun’20 has 7 committees. 4 of them are English and 1 of our English committee is historical other is futuristic. Kasgmun’20 has 1 Arabic, 1 Turkish and 1 Spanish committees. We would be honored to underline that Kasgmun’20 has the very first Spanish committee in Turkey.

With experienced and enthusiastic academic team, well-prepared and sensational crises and professional and hardworking organization team Kasgmun’20 is waiting for you.