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Letter From Secretary General Of KASGONLINE

Dear KASGMUN family and most esteemed guests and who may concern this letter;
I, as the Section General of KASGONLINE would be honored to welcome you all to the very first session of KASGONLINE.
Due to COVID-19 outbreak we postponed the KASGMUN’20 to provide the best experience possible to our participations in a healthy way. However we are fully aware of the fact that how MUNers missed MUNing. That’s why we have decided to organize an online conference as KASGONLINE. We as Kadıköy Ahmet Sani Gezici MUN members have put effort into the conference to create a platform for the participants to think and solve the issues of the world the best way possible with innovative committees chosen specifically by the
academic team in order to provide a high-qualified and unforgettable experience.
Academic team worked really hard to find the best committees. We are sure that all participants will be both enjoying and learning in KASGONLINE. We have 4 committees in 4 languages. Our English committee is International Labor Organization. ILO will be following open agenda procedure which will be glarious. The honorable Under Secretary Generals of ILO Ebrar ÇALIŞKAN and Zeynep Birce KAL are working really hard to provide the best experience ever to our precious participants. In this committee delegates are going to challenge with lots of crises that are going on all around the world. Our Turkish committee will be United Nations Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (UNDDR). Agenda item of UNDDR is reducing the effects of natural disasters. For our Turkish committee we are preparing legandary crisis. Our Under Secretary Generals of UNDDR, Zehra Arıcan and Gülfidan KÜÇÜK welcome you all to the best Turkish MUN experience ever.
Our Spanish committee is Economic Commission of Latin America and The Caribbeans. The agenda item of ECLAC is Adressing the issue of femicide in Latin America. It is a huge problem that concerns whole world. Our delegates will be improving their language skills and having fun. The Under Secretary General of ECLAC Reyhan ÖZMEN can’t wait for the conferance.
For last but not least our Arabic Committee United Nations High Commission on Refugees. Our Under Secretary General is Mehmet Akif BAYDEMİR. This committee will be discussing improving the life quality in refugee camps and providing security to refugees. Those critical problems will give you an another outlook on refugees.

It is my utmost pleasure to mention about thr organisation team. Our Director General Ebrar ÇALIŞKAN, Head of and Deputy Head of Public Relations team Esmagül HACIOĞLU, Ruşan GÜVENÇ also their team members and our Head of IT Betül UYGUR also worked hard to make this conference the best for the participants. I can whole-heartedly assure those who may concern that Kadıköy Ahmet Sani Gezici Online MUN conference is ready to serve the best experience that any participant would seek in a conference thanks to my family, Kadıköy Ahmet Sani Gezici MUN members and our school principle.

Esma Reyyan GÜNLER